Massage By Terry  (aka Tess)

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Massage Services at NY Massage in Spring Hill  (352) 600-2519
Massage Services at Essentials of Trinity  (727) 494-7660             

Massage Services


Service            Hour         Half         90 Min

Swedish          $65            $35           100

Therapeutic     $80            $50           115

Deep Tissue 
  $80             $50          115

Sports             $65             $35          100

Arthritis           $65            $35           100

                                                    Hot Stone        $80             $50           115        
                                                    Reiki               $80             $50           115

                                                    Reiki II            Long Distance Reiki:  $40 for four 10 sessions


                                                    Reflexology     $65             $35           100


                                                    Touch/Healing $65             $35           100

Sports Massage!

Regular massage can help manage and prevent injury by bringing awareness to areas of the body that are not functioning or responding as efficiently as possible. As a therapist who understands the nature of the various injuries or dysfunctions, I can treat the athlete accordingly.

The ideal frequency for massage therapy is twice a week for an elite athlete, once a week minimum.

For a recreational athlete, it would be once a week to once a month based on need.

When possible, schedule your pre-race massage early in the race week and then definitely get a post-race massage either right after the race (highly recommended) or the day after with your regular therapist. Throw in an ice bath lasting three to five minutes somewhere shortly after the race, and you will get the type of recovery that most pros use. This combo will have you recovered and ready to start another block of training in no time!

        Add Ons

  • Peppermint Scalp Massage /  15 per 10 minute add-on session or 30 per 30 minute stand-alone session

  • Hot Towel & Cold Stone Face Massage / 15 per 10 minute add-on session or 30 per 30 minute stand-alone session

  • Detoxifying Foot Bath /  30 per  20 minute session

  • Hot Towel & Foot Scrub /  15 per 10 minute add-on session 30 per 30 minute stand-alone session

  • Head & Foot Treatments /  45 per 20 minute session

  • Add hot stone  to any massage: 15
  • Add deep tissue  to any massage: 15
  • Add Reflexology  to any massage: 20
  • Add Reiki  to any massage: 20