Massage By Terry  (aka Tess)

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Welcome to Massage By Terry  @ NY Massage in Spring Hill (352)600-2519
and Massage By Tess @ Essentials of Trinity (727) 494-7660

Massage by Terry:  Now at Ny Massage in Spring Hill and Massage by Tess:  Essentials of Trinity

Hello!  My name is Terry... and Tess.  *smiles*   There's an easy explanation for that.  You see, at Essentials, there is already a Terri, Theresa, and Therese, so they had to rename me!

Each and every one of my guests is special to me and I look forward to having the opportunity to serve you as well.  I have made the decision to work at two locations for your convenience, NY Massage in Spring Hill and Essentials of Trinity.  

You are still offered a peaceful and intimate setting.... A soothing, undisturbed ambiance where you will find your worries disappear through my comforting and healing hands.  No two people are alike, therefore, no two treatments are alike, as each one is personally designed to a guest's liking. 

All sessions are by appointment only.

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Theresa Cipolloni, LMT, RM
(Aka-Terry and Tess)

Terry is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Aesthetician, formerly of Caliente Resort and Spa and the spa in Safety Harbor.

In addition to working in the spa industry, Terry believes in the power of healing through massage, and continues to work closely with chiropractors, doctors and physical therapists.

Terry is certified in medical massage for arthritis, using proven techniques to ease the pain of arthritis as well as possibly cease its progression.

Terry also is a firm believer in energy work and as a result was trained in Reiki. Now a Reiki Master, she periodically holds Reiki classes.

Terry chose this profession because she enjoys being the tool that God uses to heal and create pain free individuals, allowing them the independence and freedom to move without restriction.

As a Skin Care Specialist, Terry finds it quite rewarding when helping a teenager reduce or rid themselves of acne.  Whether it's lightening the pigmentation on your skin or reducing lines and wrinkles, when you feel good, Terry feels good.  Take care of your skin... It's only human!

In Health, Healing & Happiness ..........